Troy Taylor - Men's Club Champion

Senior/Super-Senior Championships

Senior Championship (Left to Right)
Brett Wolff (Gross Champ) - Jeff Kristoff (Net Champ)

Super Senior Championship (Left to Right)
Jim Sexton (Net Champ) - Tom Hume (Gross Champ)


Match Play Championships

Championship Flight (Left to Right)
Dan Shafer (Champ) - Brett Wolff (Runner-Up)

1st Flight (Left to Right)
Chris Dietz (Runner-Up) - Hugh Trabue (Champ)

2nd Flight (Left to Right)
Fred Sprankle (Runner-Up) - George Promenschenkel (Champ)

3rd Flight (Left to Right)
Chris Minnie (Runner-Up) - Scott Sprankle (Champ)

4th Flight (Left to Right)
Mike Staley (Champ) - Dean Smith (Runner-Up)

Troy Taylor Sets the New Course Record at 62!  

Wishing our scorecards looked like this!!!

Parent-Child Championships

(Left to Right)
Mark and Cari DeAngelis

Runner-Up (Left to Right)
Aaron & Chase Steininger