Thank You For Your Support!
We would like to thank everyone that helped make the 2019 Charity Outing for Education a great success. The event helped raise funds for the three charities detailed below. The participants enjoyed a great day of golf, food & fun!




Children’s Dyslexia Center – In Honor of Richard J. Luckay, MSA 33º: 
The Charities

Charity Newsies:

Founded in 1907, is a wholly autonomous organization serving Franklin County with one purpose: "That no child should be kept out of school for lack of adequate clothing." The Newsies provide brand new department store quality pants, tops, (or school uniform or voucher if required), undergarments, warm winter coat, hat and gloves/mittens to underprivileged children attending school (public, private, or charter). This past year alone, over 12,000 children were served.

The organization's signature event is a street corner sale of a special edition of the Columbus Dispatch on the second Saturday every December. 100% of charitable solicitations are used solely to clothe children.
Newsie members are volunteers from every walk of life and number approximately 600. They take applications, sell papers, and otherwise donate time and energy to raise funds to complete the mission of the Charity Newsies.

Scholarship Opportunities For Success(SOS):

SOS helps women of low income in Central Ohio with financial aid for education.  It is a grassroots organization with 19 board members and more than 80 volunteers.  All of the recipients have faced numerous challenges, but remain determined about changing their future options through education.
Financial aid provided by SOS may be used for tuition at universities, colleges, technology and trade schools, as well as supplies, computers, equipment, books, bus passes, special fees, and child care enabling parents to attend classes.  In 2018 we awarded in aid $80,000 to 21 women attempting to break the cycle of poverty.  For more information, visit

Dyslexia Center - In Honor of Richard J. Luckay, 33º: 

Millions of school children with dyslexia endure frustration and demoralization on a daily basis as they struggle to acquire skills that many of us take for granted. If your child is struggling with reading and writing, how do you know if dyslexia is the cause? Where can you go for help?
For more than twenty years, the Scottish Rite Masons, Northern Jurisdiction, have been national leaders in the effort to help children and their families overcome the painful obstacles of dyslexia. With 43 Learning Centers in 13 states, the Children’s Dyslexia Centers, Inc., a Scottish Rite Charity, tackle the challenge of dyslexia head-on, both by providing free tutoring for children with dyslexia and by training a growing cadre of highly skilled and dedicated tutors.
The local Scottish Rite unit, the Valley of Columbus, opened the Columbus Children’s Dyslexia Center in 1999 and has since tutored over 3,900 children in the Center. Additionally, our many certified Orton Gillingham method tutor graduates have impacted another 10,000 children in their schools or private practices. On a daily basis, our unit is making a positive and profound difference in the lives of these children and their families. Now working with a number of Central Ohio school districts, our Center is a pace setter for the other 42 centers.
For more information on our Center or if you know a dyslexic child who needs the life changing assistance we can provide, please call (614) 799-1261.